Why Buying the Latest Golf Driver Won't Solve Your Distance Problems and Tips for Improving Your Game

The Myth of the "New and Improved" Driver

If you are struggling for distance on the golf course, chances are, a new driver is not the solution. Most golfers think that buying the latest and greatest driver is going to be exactly what they need to see better results on the course.
The truth is, gaining distance is not just about the club you're using, but how you use the club.
The launch of a new driver is huge money-maker in this multi-billion dollar industry. Golfers are enticed to purchase the latest driver, with the promise of longer, faster, straighter shots. 
However, this is not accurate... the difference in models is often very minimal. The trick to gaining distance is not a new driver - it is understanding your shots, technique and keeping up with fitness. 


Introducing Data

Data is a valuable tool that allows you to track every shot and analyse your performance over time. It helps identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and what causes them. Without data, you may not have a clear understanding of your current golfing abilities. Collecting and analyzing data can help you make informed decisions about your golf game. You can choose the right equipment, understand what changes in your swing are effective, and develop a more strategic approach to playing the course.
There are plenty of ways to collect your data, some examples include:
1) Launch monitor
2) GPS device or watch
3) Smartphone app
4) Force plate 
5) Putting sensor

Understanding Smash Factor for Distance with a Launch Monitor

Smash factor is an important data parameter to gain more distance off the tee. Smash factor refers to the efficiency at which the ball comes off the face and is calculated by dividing the ball speed by the clubhead speed. 

For example, if your clubhead speed measures 100 mph and your ball speed is 150 mph, your smash factor will be 1.50. 

Higher smash factor = more ball speed gained for a given clubhead speed. 

Average smash factor for amateurs = 1.32

Average smash factor for tour players = 1.48 to 1.51

Launch monitors are a great way to measure and track your smash factor, and improve your distance. 

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Improving Technique and Physical Fitness

As much as proper equipment is important, a combination of power, speed and precision are crucial for improvement.

 Fitness training can help golfers reduce the risk of injury by optimising strength, flexibility and endurance! This is also beneficial to prevent fatigue out on the course. Efficient training allows you to optimise all your power - and therefore lead to fast club speeds, more ball speed and overall more distance!

Improving technique can also lead to more efficient ball striking, resulting in a higher smash factor. Increase club head speed with speed sticks, RYP stick been the most popular brand available on our store front.


Introducing Clippd

As official partners with Clippd, we are confident in the platform as an all-round powerful data tool for ALL golfers to start improving. 
Clippd is a game improvement application delivering valuable insights for coaches and players to analyse their game, track their progress and understand their skills.  


How Clippd makes you better

Integrates with other technologies. Easy to input rounds and practice.
Clippd’s AI learns your game – every shot,every activity.
Understand the skills that lead to your best scores.
Insights and drills for purposeful, measurable practice.
Track your progress. Know what to work on.

While buying a new golf club can be exciting, it's important to understand that it won't magically improve your game or give you the additional distance you're dreaming of. To gain more distance, proper use of data and fitness are far more likely to give you quick & accurate results.

Using a launch monitor and a platform like Clippd can help you track your progress and practice purposefully with actionable insights and drills, ultimately improving your game.

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By using data, you can take a more analytical and evidence-based approach to improving your golf game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, data can help you understand your performance, track your progress, and make informed decisions to improve your game.

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