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Praised by top coaches around the world, Swing Catalyst is the preferred video analysis software, offering all the tools you need to fine-tune the golf swing.

Key Features

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Branded Video Lessons

Record video summaries of your lessons branded with your own name, logo and contact details in just a click. Then share it with your students through YouTube, email or Swing Catalyst Online.

Swing Explorer

The Swing Explorer organizes all your recorded swings by name, date and time. It also lets you find and sort your students’ swings based on the type of club (and carry distance if you are using a launch monitor).

Sensor Data Integration

If you own a Swing Catalyst Balance Plate or a 3D Motion Plate, the software seamlessly integrates and synchronizes all this data with your video. If you are using FlightScope or Foresight GC2/GCQuad, all ball flight and club data are integrated and stored together with the video images.

Swing Catalyst Video Software and Motion Plates Dubai

Visualize the Invisible

With the Swing Catalyst sensor plates you will be able to see the invsible forces at work in every swing. Why should you guess, when you can measure?

Swing Catalyst Video Software and Motion Plates Dubai

State of the art technology

The data from the 3D Motion plate is synchronized with high-speed video, images and shot data to provide you with a multitude of data parameters including: Pressure distribution, Centre of Pressure (CoP), Detailed foot pressure distribution, CoP patterns, Vertical forces, Horizontal forces, Ground reaction forces, Video synchronisation, Rotational force (torque)

  • Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate Dubai JGE Tommy Fleetwood Academy

    Jumeirah Golf Estates, Tommy Fleetwood Academy

  • Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate Dubai DCGYC Peter Cowen Academy

    Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Peter Cowen Academy

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