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Meet your game. Discover what good looks like.

Clippd is a new technology that allows golfers and golf instructors to input, connect and elevate performance data into a single platform.

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  • How Clippd makes your golf game better
  • Record

    Integrates with other technologies. Easy to input rounds and practice.


    Clippd’s AI learns your game – every shot, every activity.


    Understand the skills that lead to your best scores.


    Insights and drills for purposeful, measurable practice.


    Track your progress. Know what to work on.
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  • Shot Quality

    Shot Quality is a single number that shows the quality of every shot you hit – on and off the course.

    Player Quality

    Player Quality is a single number that represents your current skill level, overall and in each part of your game.

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  • What To Work On

    Clippd’s unique, data-driven blueprint of your game – what impacts your scoring, where you can improve, how you’re trending.

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Improve your own game

Clippd for the Player

Connect your technology. Add rounds, tests and practice with ease.

Clippd integrates with other golf technologies, while the Clippd Capture app enables you to quickly and easily input your rounds and practice.

See skills levels, form and trends in each part of your game

Clippd reveals your game through insightful data graphics. Understand the way you play – your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve.

Practice purposefully with actionable insights and drills

Time is precious. What To Work On offers a personalised priority list for your game. Clippd’s practice drills help you to train skills and monitor progress.

Connect your game with your coaches and friends

Connect with your coaches so they can track your progress and post lesson notes, videos and advice. Follow friends and share your journey to better golf.

Get better faster. Create the complete journal of your golf

Success leaves clues. Capture every part of your game – rounds, practice, fitness, equipment changes and more – to discover what leads to your best golf.

Improve your players

Clippd for the Coach

See all your players. Know exactly where you can make a difference

Organise your players into dashboards showing skills levels, form and trends. Get an instant view of what they are doing and how they are progressing.

Data-based decision support for your teaching

See the player’s entire game. Save time by knowing exactly what to work on.

Actionable insights for lessons, practice and training

What To Work On offers a personalised, data-driven priority list for each player. Clippd’s menu of practice drills helps them to train purposefully.

Interact with your players through commenting, lesson notes and video

Stay connected with your students in Clippd. Monitor progress, comment, like and post lesson notes, photos and video.

Grow your business. Show progress, add value, get buy-in

Save time by knowing what to work on. Validate your teaching with objective, data-driven feedback.

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Clippd your entire game in one place