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A one of a kind and exclusive platform enabling athletes of all levels to realize their real brand equity and earn lifetime income.​

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How does it work?

Think social media combined with the stock exchange, two powerful tools for generating wealth. 

•Social media allows athletes to connect and engage with their Family, Friends, Fans & Followers (FFFF) whilst earning revenue through endorsement.
•The stock exchange allows investors to buy shares of a company.

So in this case: The Investors = FFFF and Sponsors & The Company = The Athlete

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  • Player funding with Sportbot automate your wealth creation athletes


    Athletes are listed on the POLC exchange where they can promote their brand those who invest in them.

    • ​Earn 1% for every transaction​
    • Earn 1% from signed peer accounts​
    • Promote your personal brand​
    • Attend invitation only events & meetings​
    • Engage and connect with your investors
    • Auction unique merchandize / equipment​
    • Referral incentives​
    • Rank on a POLC leader board for potential investor recognition​
    • Develop your career with funding and exposure​
    • Create a business with no overhead cost and be your own boss
    • Extend your earnings & place in the industry beyond retirement
  • Player funding with Sportbot automate your wealth creation athletes

    Friends, Family, Fans & Followers (FFFF)

    Support your favourite sports stars by investing in them on the POLC exchange.

    • Access exclusive content from you favourite sports stars​
    • Directly engage and connect with you favourite sports stars​
    • Get invited to VIP events​
    • Trade and make money like any other exchange platform ​
    • Buy and hold shares for long term investment
  • Player funding with Sportbot automate your wealth creation athletes


    List your students on the POLC exchange and gain recognition for talent development

    • Earn 1% of your players value for every transaction​
    • Gain recognition for talent development​
    • Promote yourself as a professional
    • Trade and make money like any other exchange platform​
    • Buy and hold shares for long term investment​
    • Attend invitation only events & meetings​
    • Referral incentives
    • Create a business with no overhead cost and be your own boss
    • Extend your earnings & place in the industry beyond retirement
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Start earning passive income and seceure your lifetime financial freedom

  • SportBot Player Funding Dubai

    Active Global and National Professionals

    Any professional athlete or player can list themselves on the global Sportbot Exchange. Your initial Sportbot Share™ listing price will be based on your recent performance, earnings, social media presence and popularity in the sports world. You will receive 95% of the value of your shares listed on the global Sportbot Exchange. Therefore, if you are listed at USD 1m you will earn USD 950K. In addition, you will earn 1% per transaction value every time somebody buys or sells shares in your Sportbot for the rest of your life. That’s not all – your biggest source of earnings could be lifetime annuity income earned from any of your friends, family, colleagues, teammates or fans you introduce to and assist in registering on the Sportbot Exchange (POLC Global Platform). You will earn 1% per transaction on all these members for the rest of your life, provided they have not registered on the POLC Global Platform yet.

  • SportBot Player Funding Dubai

    Junior Sportbots

    Sportbot introduces a unique and patented mechanism for the development of young sports talent at school to maximize their full potential. School talent from the ages of 12 to 14 years old fall in this category. The parents or legal guardians provide Sportbot with consent and permission to create a “Junior Sportbot” on the Sportbot Global Exchange. Similar to a professional sports star or athlete, one million shares are reserved and listed in 10 tranches of 100,000 shares. Typically it would be people within a community who identifies and acknowledges exceptional sports talent. Sportbot provides a mechanism for these and other people in a community to buy shares in a talented youngster’s Sportbot – thereby effectively providing financial support with the hope of getting a return on their “investment”.

    Sportbot also introduces controls whereby a third-party “Trustee” will ensure funds raised through the Sportbot Exchange are released for their intended purpose. Full accountability, auditability and transparency of all funds spent have to be recorded. A generic formula is applied to a sport type which is currently approximately USD 70,000 per Junior Sportbot.

  • SportBot Player Funding Dubai

    Amateur Sportbot

    Tennis legend Rafael Nadal earned his first ATP point at the age of 15. Michael Chang, Boris Becker and Mats Wilander all won a major tennis tournament at the remarkable age of 17. Upcoming talent still at school or school leavers showing potential in national tournaments can get listed as Amateur Sportbots. By listing as an Amateur Sportbot, players and athletes are given financial support to reach their full potential. This means travel, accommodation, coaching, and entry fees can be funded through their listing on the Sportbot Exchange. Amateur Sportbots also enjoy similar benefits to their professional counterparts.

  • Senior Professional and Associate Sportbots

    Save for sport types like golf, most professional athletes and players usually have a professional career of around 15 years. Some of these players become coaches, TV presenters, establish sports academies, enter the business world etc.Retired sports stars now have a mechanism whereby the wealth of skills, knowledge and experience they have gained as an active player or athlete can be commoditized within their Sportbot.Sportbot Associates are individuals or business entities within the sports industry such as sports agents, coaches, academies, sports clubs, associations, unions, universities, colleges, schools and even media companies. These individuals or business entities are directly involved to promote and grow players or the sports industry in general. Global Sportbot Associates enjoy the exact same benefits as Global Sportbot Ambassadors. As an example, should a rugby club sign up all its players, fans and other members on Sportbot, it will benefit by earning from these membersad infinitum.

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Chad Le Clos Sporbot Ambassador

Sportbot Ambassadors

Sportbot Ambassadors are sports stars and athletes who have attained significant achievements in their respective sports at a global or national level. For many athletes and players globally, it’s not possible to reach their potential due to financial constraints. By having our Global and National Sportbot Ambassadors join the Sportbot Programme they lead the way in demonstrating to the world that it is possible to reach their dreams. In addition, the bigger vision is to lift people globally out of poverty and enable them to sustain themselves financially on the POLC platform.

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Sportbot Associates

Sportbot Associates are influential people or entities in the Sport world such as international rugby coaches, media moguls, agents or well-connected individuals able to onboard talented players onto the Trusted Platform. Sportbot Associates will have the same privileges as Global Sportbot Ambassadors.

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Corporate Social Responsbility

  • Sportbot assists in funding talent for kids at school. The funding includes clothes, sports kit & travel that will help develop their talent.
  • Trust sponsors or treasurers for juniors/ amateurs can assist in releasing money responsibly.
  • Smart money feature: parameterized, geo-fenced, purcahse specific
  • 5% retirement fund allocation
  • Within the decade, POLC intends being the exclusive, globally endorsed, self-regulated, automated wealth creating AI-Commerce platform.

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  • Every Transaction is:

    • Auditable
    • Traceable
    • Secure
    • Accountable
    • Non-fungible
    • Unique
    • Private
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